5 Signs Relocation is Your Only Option

Moving stinks, it really does. It is one of the most time consuming, labor-intensive, and outright exhausting jobs we do. There’s packing on one end and unpacking on the other, with cleaning required at both ends. And that’s not to mention the many trips you’ll take to donate things you don’t need and dump the trash you’ve been storing for years.

But – and this is a big but – there are considerable rewards to be had once you get through the actual move. From upgrading your standard of living to snagging your dream job, relocation can be totally worth it.

Here are five signs that relocation is your only option, and how to embrace it.

You’re ready to follow your passion

Landing the right job is one of the most common reasons for any move. And while some jobs are found everywhere, there are others that can really only be done in certain cities. Actors need to be in New York or Los Angeles. Tech innovators will find their community in Northern California. And the pulse of the oil industry is in Texas.

Maybe your passion isn’t career-related. Are you craving a thriving art scene? Interested in running a family farm? Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? All of these passions could be better supported in a new community. Don’t let geography prevent you from designing the life you really want to live.

Long distance relationships are doomed to fail

Ok, some long distance relationships survive the stress, but it is an extremely difficult arrangement to maintain over the long term. The internet can connect us over the miles, but in the end there is no substitute for human touch and shared experiences when it comes to a successful romantic pairing.

We don’t recommend impulsively moving to a location that offers no security for you other than the relationship itself, but take the time to look at jobs, housing, and services in the town where your sweetie lives.

It can be risky to give up an established career to move closer to your loved one, but it may be your only option if you want the relationship to thrive. As long as you’ve done your research, you won’t be left with nothing if the connection fizzles.

You’ve never left your home town

They say that people on their deathbeds tend to regret the opportunities they missed more than any of the mistakes they made. And if you have spent your entire life in the town of your birth, you have missed a few opportunities.

Now, for some people with a deep connection to the community and the land in their home town, there are no regrets. But if you find yourself wondering what else could be out there for you, it’s time to take the leap. Your life is short and there is no time to waste in seeking that new experience.

Putting down roots in a new city can take some time and there will surely be periods of loneliness and confusion. But if you’ve stuck it out for at least a year and decide that the new place flat-out sucks, your home town is still there and we’ll bet friends and family are anxious to hear your story.

The weather is killing you

No one can control the weather but it sure does play a huge role in life satisfaction. Physical discomfort really puts a damper on things. So if it is just too hot where you live, shoveling snow is breaking your back, or the lack of sunlight makes you depressed, why not move?

Improving your quality of life is always a good reason to relocate, but in some cases weather can also negatively impact your health. If seasonal allergies are making you sick or the cold is making your joints ache constantly, a move could not only make you happier, it could extend your life.

You’re just not happy

Frankly, there are things to dislike about every city. No place is perfect. But sometimes a place starts out great then gradually changes. Maybe everyone you knew in your city has gradually drifted away. Perhaps the passion that drew you there has evolved. Whatever it is, the best sort of living situation is one that you wake up and choose newly every day.

If you can’t find a reason to stay in your current place, that’s a strong sign that it’s time to go. “Just okay” is not good enough for you – you deserve to be challenged, excited, and inspired. No one is totally happy every single day, but in the end, living your best life is up to you.

We are fortunate that the option to move exists, even if it’s challenging. Life challenges are how we grow and ultimately achieve the satisfaction of a life well-lived. But because it can be costly, it doesn’t hurt to start saving some money at the first inkling that relocation will ultimately be the only option to meet your life’s goals. Even if the move doesn’t come to fruition, it never hurts to have a little nest egg socked away.